Phil Mills

Essential Understanding

1. The Character of God

Satan’s first end-time attack is against the character of God. We must know God’s character to recognize this end-time attack and be prepared for the final crisis.

Essential Understanding

2. The Government of God

Satan’s second end-time attack is against the government of God. We must understand God’s system of government to recognize this end-time attack and be prepared for the final crisis.

Essential Understanding

3. The Purposes of God

Did you know that God put three biographies of you in the Bible? He did. I will be sharing your biographical information with the Fairplain SDA church this evening. I hope you don’t mind my sharing this information about you with the church members.

Understanding the End-Time Church

At the end of the parable of the four soils, Jesus talked about the good soil. Interestingly, this soil had widely differing yields from 30-100%. Why this great difference? Jesus explains it all in his parable of the end-time church.

Ten Ways to Accurately Predict the Future

It is not just prophets that are to understand the future. All who are wise should be able to know it. Solomon said, “The wise man foreseeth the evil day and hideth himself.» Fools don’t understand this vital information and Solomon says they “pass on and are destroyed.” Since it is so important, God has provided ten ways in the Bible to accurately predict the future so that we can have wisdom.

What’s On Your Facebook

Do you know the nine ways that we publish to the world what is really inside us. Satan takes advantage of these ways to find and exploit our weaknesses. Shrewd humans take advantage of this “public” information as well. Do you know what is on your “Facebook”.

How We Are Manipulated

Can you recognize the three-pronged technique that Satan uses in every temptation? Satan has a playbook that has worked well for him since Eden. God does not want us to be ignorant of his devices (2 Cor 2:11).

Break-out sessions

  1. Dermatology Overview
  2. Back Problems
  3. Fresh Look at the Ministry of Healing
  4. Another Look at Praying for the Sick
  5. Medical Ministry

Louis  Torres

Send Forth reapers

Personal evangelism seminar.

1. Meeting Objections
2. Clearing the Candidate
3. Personal Preparation
4. Thou Shalt Nots
5. Eden To Eden-Christ the Center

What’s wrong with the beat?

Seminar on music in life and worship of present day Christians. Who can deal with the subject better than a former rock-n-roll musician?

Number of presentations: 3

Break-out sessions

  1. «Climbing the ladder». Many anxious souls wonder if God will accept them. Climbing the ladder helps the striving soul to connect.
  2. «The bridegroom cometh». Matthew 24 deals with the external factors before the coming of the Lord, Matthew 25 deals with the internal ones. Which one will affect you?
  3. «Is God lost?» Many can’t seem to find God. Why? Is He hiding?
  4. «Old wine, new bottles». Can people set in their ways change? Or are they like old bottles?

Anna Slepenchuk

Growing in ministry

Growing in ministry, 2 h.

Break-out sessions

How to build a team, 5 h.

Подпишитесь на новости миссионерского движения «Время служить!»

Подпишитесь на новости миссионерского движения «Время служить!»

Кроме лагерных собраний и медико-миссионерских школ у нас планируются целевые семинары и другие события. Если вы хотите быть всегда в курсе, подпишитесь на новости и ничего интересного не пропустите. :)

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